A small attempt to pen those precious moments that seem to go by all too quickly. Things that would easily be forgotten.....may they always be remembered....here's hoping this site never crashes. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

China Bound!!

Packed and ready to go. Yes, this is all I am taking. I know some of you are shocked!!
See ya later mom! KG in serious need of a nap.
Tomorrow morning EARLY, T and I are headed to China with some teenagers!! We are excited, but dreading the loooooooooooong flight! We will be gone 12 days. I will not be able to blog while we are there, but will journal and have MANY pictures to share when I get back. Thank you to Nana and Mimi for taking our kids and keeping them happy! Good luck! Pray for KG, every morning for the past week she asks, "You go to China today?" Me-"No, not today." KG-" I gonna miss you.".......... "You coming back?" Me- "Oh yes!" KG-"You bring me a surprise?" :)

See you in two weeks!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bibleman to the rescue!

CT as Bibleman.
KG and CT at PF Changs.

This past weekend we had to run to Mardel's to pick up some stuff for Graduation Sunday. CT remembered that this was the store with the Bibleman outfit. He had seen it about 2 months before and had talked about it on and off. I told him that if he wanted it, he could use the money that he had saved in his piggy bank. He had me get it down off the shelf for him and he studied it for awhile. Then he had me put it back because he couldn't decide if he wanted to spend his money on it. We did this about three or four time before he finally decided that he would buy it. They also had a pretty cool sword that went with it, that he was dying to have. I was impressed though, he had enough money to buy both, but he didn't want to spend ALL of his money. He just went with the cape and mask. Miss KG found a wand that makes noise and insisted on buying it. I told her that if she wanted it she had to use her own money for it. So I said, "Is that okay?" She replied without a second thought, "Oh, yeah!". I'm a little worried about her.

Since we were in T town we headed on over to PF Changs for dinner. Some friends of ours had given us a gift certificate, so we decided to use it. PF Changs doesn't disappoint. Of course CT wanted to wear his Bibleman outfit in, but Daddy wouldn't let him. He did wear it the next day to Chili's and Wal-Mart. People just smile at him.

Eatin' Crickets

CT watching Daddy hit the ball. He made a home run!
KG Eatin' her crickets.
The Crickets. :)
KG and Jessica!! Hope your having fun at FC Jess. :) You made the blog.
KG and Mommy.

T is playing softball again this year, so we have been having a ball going out to the park to watch. KG has learned about crickets AKA sunflower seeds this year. We think she came up with this name because every time Mrs. Brenda went to crack one for her she had to tell her "Hold on, let me crack it for you." So from crack it to cricket it is. She would be content to sit and eat them the whole game. Daddy's team has done really good this year. I think they have only lost one game so far.

Monday, May 19, 2008

KG's Makeup

So proud of her make up.
Bubba thought he would help her out.

KG does not stay out of my make up, so I got her her own. :) We found an old make up bag with some powder (almost empty), lip gloss, and brushes. She LOVES it! We also straightened her hair this day. She was so funny, and excited to have her own make up.

AWANA Carnival....

CT was pumped about is sno-cone.
CT playing a game.
KG and her little friends enjoying their sno-cones.

Wednesday night we had a carnival at church for the end of the year celebration of Awanas. It was also a chance to sign up again for the fall. CT enjoyed playing all the games and collecting all the "craptacular" I mean exciting prizes. ha! He had a great time though. KG got to play on the inflatables with her friends.

Bye Bye BSF and Wee School!

CT with his BSF teachers.
KG with her BSF teachers.
CT with Ms. Tiffani.
KG with Ms. April

This past week was our last day at Bible Study Fellowship and Wee School. We have enjoyed being involved in both. BSF is an incredible Bible Study that the kids and I both get to be apart of. We are learning the same things at the same time. This year we did the study of the book of Matthew. Next year we are doing the study of Moses. The kids really enjoy it and have learned so much. If you are looking for a Bible study to challenge you and keep you accountable you should check out BSF. I'm sure there is one close to you. The literally have them all over the world. We rushed home from BSF (which is about 40 minutes away from us) and headed to our Wee School promotion. The kids sang songs and had a little party. They were sad that both of these activities are over, but will be looking forward to going back in the fall.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Playing Outside

Tonight we spent some time outside playing in the rocks and swinging the golf club. KG loves putting rocks in her bicycle and riding around. CT is working real hard on his golf swing. He and Daddy have been out several times in the past few weeks to the golf course. He LOVES it! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Soccer Finale

CT going for the goal.
Throwing in the ball.

Action shot!
Good Game!
CT's little team. There were 4 girls and 2 boys. They do co-ed until they are older.
CT and some of his buddies who were on the "other" team. :)


This Saturday was CT's last soccer game for the season. He is really sad it is over. I guess we will have to play again in the fall. I just figured out they have fall ball. Mimi and Poppa were able to come over and see his last game. CT did really well, and scored several goals. He absolutely LOVES to play and has a great time. It is also a lot of fun to watch. He was excited that his Nana and Papa and Mimi and Poppa were able to make it to some of his games this season.

Awana "Iguana" Awards

KG receiving her award.
KG and her little Puggle friends. I will get her a shirt next year. :) I know I'm bad.....
CT receiving his awards.
CT and his other friends that also received the apple tree award. There were three of them.

Wednesday night was Awana Awards Night. CT and KG both got awards. KG is in Puggles and she received a Certificate of Participation award. Basically she showed up for Puggles. ha! They are not required to go through a book and memorize scripture just yet, but they do talk to them about it. She LOVES to go. CT did awesome this year. He also received the Certificate of Participation Award, Cubbies First Book Award (he completed all his lessons and learned all his verses), and received the Cubbies Apple Tree Book Award (an extra part of the book that we completed). He was very pumped about the two different medals he received with them. I think I had to make him take them off before he went to bed that night. :) He is very proud of them, and we feel very blessed that our church offers this program. CT has learned a lot of scripture that he can recite to us. It's neat to see.

Aunt Mandy's Show-wa

KG getting her nap out. She slept for about an hour and a half. We were glad, because she was CRANKY!!
Mandy opening her Kitchen Aid Mixer.
Some of the dishes I'm thinking about theifing. :)
Once KG woke up she was right in the middle of everything.
KG found the "popcorn". She thought this was LOTS of fun!

Last weekend we headed to the Fort for Aunt Mandy and Uncle Chad's wedding shower. KG had a great time although she slept through the first part of the shower. Aunt Mandy and Uncle Chad got LOTS of fun gifts. I'm trying to figure out a way to take their everyday dishes from them. They are WAY cute! We all had a great time! We are looking forward to the wedding in June. CT and KG will be in the wedding, so we will have pictures to share. Hopefully they cooperate. :) KG keeps talking about being a princess in the wedding.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Forever Friends

KG and Lydia.
CT, KG, Lydia.
This picture is typical. Jess- we should have put blue eyeshadow on their faces. :)

Jessica in the middle and me on the right. VERY SCARY!!! I can't even believe my mom let me wear my hair like that. Even more scary, Jess, Why did your mom have so much blue eye shadow? :)

Last week one of my life long friends came to visit us. She lives in Tulsa and has a little girl about the same age as KG. Jessica and I have been friends since I can remember. She is the friend that ALWAYS got me into trouble (ornery trouble), but it was so much fun!! I'm sure if we were able to spend more time together we would still cause trouble. :) It was fun to get our kids together and let them play. They all had a great time. KG and Lydia both LOVE Annie, so they practiced singing their best rendition of "Tomorrow". We also braved the Oklahoma wind to play outside, and then headed off for some pizza. Thanks for coming Jess. I always cherish our time together!! I am blessed to call you friend.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flower Power.

T has been working very hard on getting our yard mowed and flower beds looking great! He enjoys this much more than I do, and does a great job at it. The kids have enjoyed helping him dig in the dirt and spread the mulch. The other night they helped him plant some flowers. KG thought this was pretty cool!

Arrrrggghhhh Me Princess!!

The other day CT decided to dress up he and his sister. He LOVES to dress up and pretend. It is so funny to hear what he comes up with. They decided to be a princess and pirate. Once the ship and loot were safe they were off to bigger and better things.