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Friday, June 27, 2008

Massag-EE and "Bathing"

Once we got home from the village we got together with the guys and talked about our experiences. They guys got to meet with an incredible family and help to disciple them. After that we decided it was time to go and get a massage or massag-eee is how they pronounced it. :) N and I opted for just a foot massage and T and Connie wanted a back massage. Let me just tell you that these massages are NOT like what you get in the states. They were PAINFUL!!! T thought he was going to cry several times. My foot massage was not too bad except for that the water they had you place your feet in was boiling hot! (I had to have them add some cold water. I'm sure they thought I was a wuss.) My calves were also very sore from "running" up the pagoda stairs a few days before. It felt good, but it also hurt. The whole experience cost us 38 kuai, which comes to about $5.50 USD. I also developed a HUGE bruise on the side of my knee from the massage. They push really hard on your pressure points. It has finally gone away. :)

After we returned from the massageeee's we were in for a real treat. The son from the family that T had met with that afternoon had brought a friend over to be baptized. :) This young man has led so many to the Lord. He is an encouragement to me, and also some one I look up to. He has only been a believer for about 11 months, and has had the opportunity to lead many to the Lord. What's his secret? He's actually sharing with people how Christ has changed his life!! This was so cool to be able to be apart of. After they were finished we all sang in our own language....I have decided to follow Jesus.

Here is a list of questions that they ask them before they are baptized.
The questions are:
Have you put your trust in Jesus who died on the cross for your sins and on the third day rose again?
Do you know that Jesus has forgiven all of your sins?
Are you telling everyone here that you will follow Jesus and never turn back?
Will you keep following Jesus even when they curse you, hit you, arrest and imprison you and threaten to kill you?

What would you say?

This is a video of us singing. You can't really see anything because the bathroom was so dark, but you can hear us singing. Quite a powerful experience!

Out in the Village.

On Saturday morning all the girls piled in a van and headed out to a village. Luckily we did not have to eat in this village. I'll save that for another post.:) We were able to break into groups and do some prayer walking around the village. It was so neat to be able to pray out loud for people walking right next to you, and they had absolutely no idea what you were saying. :) Very cool experience! On the way home we flagged down a "bus" to ride home in. Those people drive ALL over the road. I just had to not pay attention. ha!

A hospital in the village. You mainly just get IV's here. Most of the patients, about 90% were small children, they had diarreah. They believe that when a child gets diarreah that you stop feeding them. Then they become dehydrated so they need an IV. Most of them also have malnourishment problems.
Inside the hospital.
A primary school.
Everybody needs a waterbuffalo. Mine is fast, but yours is slow. :) This was the "beef" that we ate. It was ok, just a little tough.
People selling fruits and vegetables on the main street of the village. Isn't she precious?
These women can carry some serious weight in these baskets.
Just on old truck sitting in the road. They thought it would be funny if I got in it. :)