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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Forever Friends

KG and Lydia.
CT, KG, Lydia.
This picture is typical. Jess- we should have put blue eyeshadow on their faces. :)

Jessica in the middle and me on the right. VERY SCARY!!! I can't even believe my mom let me wear my hair like that. Even more scary, Jess, Why did your mom have so much blue eye shadow? :)

Last week one of my life long friends came to visit us. She lives in Tulsa and has a little girl about the same age as KG. Jessica and I have been friends since I can remember. She is the friend that ALWAYS got me into trouble (ornery trouble), but it was so much fun!! I'm sure if we were able to spend more time together we would still cause trouble. :) It was fun to get our kids together and let them play. They all had a great time. KG and Lydia both LOVE Annie, so they practiced singing their best rendition of "Tomorrow". We also braved the Oklahoma wind to play outside, and then headed off for some pizza. Thanks for coming Jess. I always cherish our time together!! I am blessed to call you friend.

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