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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lil' Campers

CT coming down the slide.
CT and KG playing in the pool.
CT watching the BIG kids play basketball.
Future baller on our hands! Watch out LeBron James!! ha! ha!
KG went from one person to the next. Whoever had a popsicle she was their NEW best friend! Of course they wouldn't tell her no. Hopefully she didn't pick up any germs along the way!

This week has been Jr. High camp. Then we are FREE!!! :) For awhile anyway. Summer is coming to an end. It has been fun though. We have been driving back and forth to this camp because it is so close. There is a pool there with a SUPER FUN slide, and kids willing to take CT up and down it over and over and over again. He actually just needed help getting to the top. The steps were quite slick. He was ALL about coming down on his tummy like Super Man. KG also enjoyed it, but Mommy and Katie got tired, so she didn't get to go quite as much as CT. She kept saying, "Slide, MY turn."
CT funny: On our way into lunch CT was not in the best mood. So T asked him what was wrong and he said, "I'm tired of all these KIDS." ha ha!! His daddy is in the wrong profession for that attitude. :)

The Snarkler

CT has a new fascination with learning to breath underwater. He thinks it is so cool! So I hooked him up with this mask and snarkle as he calls it. He figured it out in the bath tub and couldn't wait to get in the pool with it. He cracks me up!