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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awana "Iguana" Awards

KG receiving her award.
KG and her little Puggle friends. I will get her a shirt next year. :) I know I'm bad.....
CT receiving his awards.
CT and his other friends that also received the apple tree award. There were three of them.

Wednesday night was Awana Awards Night. CT and KG both got awards. KG is in Puggles and she received a Certificate of Participation award. Basically she showed up for Puggles. ha! They are not required to go through a book and memorize scripture just yet, but they do talk to them about it. She LOVES to go. CT did awesome this year. He also received the Certificate of Participation Award, Cubbies First Book Award (he completed all his lessons and learned all his verses), and received the Cubbies Apple Tree Book Award (an extra part of the book that we completed). He was very pumped about the two different medals he received with them. I think I had to make him take them off before he went to bed that night. :) He is very proud of them, and we feel very blessed that our church offers this program. CT has learned a lot of scripture that he can recite to us. It's neat to see.


Sharon said...

What kind of mom doesn't buy a Puggles shirt?! HA! Just kidding!

Unknown said...

The kind who thought $15 for a little kids t-shirt is a little outrageous! We will have to get one though since she will be in it another year. :)

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

I'll send you the money...haha. Poor baby! Aimee, her dad is the Youth minister. All the other kids had a blue shirt! You are so funny!

Unknown said...

Ok In my defense I did not know they were going to be wearing these shirts for any special reason. I will buy the poor child a shirt. :) If you will notice there was a least one or two more that didn't have a shirt either. KG didn't have a clue. At least she is not scarred. ha!