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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bibleman to the rescue!

CT as Bibleman.
KG and CT at PF Changs.

This past weekend we had to run to Mardel's to pick up some stuff for Graduation Sunday. CT remembered that this was the store with the Bibleman outfit. He had seen it about 2 months before and had talked about it on and off. I told him that if he wanted it, he could use the money that he had saved in his piggy bank. He had me get it down off the shelf for him and he studied it for awhile. Then he had me put it back because he couldn't decide if he wanted to spend his money on it. We did this about three or four time before he finally decided that he would buy it. They also had a pretty cool sword that went with it, that he was dying to have. I was impressed though, he had enough money to buy both, but he didn't want to spend ALL of his money. He just went with the cape and mask. Miss KG found a wand that makes noise and insisted on buying it. I told her that if she wanted it she had to use her own money for it. So I said, "Is that okay?" She replied without a second thought, "Oh, yeah!". I'm a little worried about her.

Since we were in T town we headed on over to PF Changs for dinner. Some friends of ours had given us a gift certificate, so we decided to use it. PF Changs doesn't disappoint. Of course CT wanted to wear his Bibleman outfit in, but Daddy wouldn't let him. He did wear it the next day to Chili's and Wal-Mart. People just smile at him.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this costume. I'm so happy he got to wear it to Wal-mart & out to eat.