A small attempt to pen those precious moments that seem to go by all too quickly. Things that would easily be forgotten.....may they always be remembered....here's hoping this site never crashes. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

7 Wonderful Years!!

August 26, 2000 After the reception.
August 26, 2000 It's official!
Summer of 95. Youth interns.
Summer of 95. Youth interns.
December 31, 1999 The night we started dating.

Today is T and I's 7th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. I had a friend who posted on her blog how she met her husband, so I thought that would be fun. T and I were both summoned :) to work as youth interns in the summer of 95. I was in Dallas when T arrived so my Dad and one of my brothers went over to meet him and help him move in. I don't remember the first time that I met him, but I do remember the first couple of weeks that we worked together were VERY rocky! I did not like him one bit, in fact I tried to get him fired. I went to Bill (the youth minister we were working for) and told him that one of us had to go, and it was not going to be me. I don't really recall why I did not like T, but I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that he could put me in my place. :) In a loving way of course. Bill specifically told me that we would get married one of these days. I laughed at him and told him that would be a cold day in you know where. :) Well, I figured since I was stuck with him for the summer I might as well make the best of it. :) Actually we had a GREAT summer. We ended up becoming really good friends. We kept in touch on and off over the next 5 years. That's when T was living in Tennessee and needed a last minute replacement for someone to come out and help lead a girls group at his disciple now. So he called me and I was thrilled to take a couple days off from teaching. I headed out there and had a great time. I hardly saw T at all that weekend, but when I stepped on the plane to head home, that's when I felt the Lord speaking to me and telling me that was who I was going to marry. Of course I had to argue with Him too, because He couldn't possibly know what he was asking. :) ha!! Well, it's funny how God changes your heart. The Disciple Now was in October, we started dating the very end of December, and were engaged on Feburary 29th. (Yes he only has to remember that date every 4 years :) ) We were married in the church where we worked together and yep you guessed it Good old Bill did the honors. I have fallen more and more in love with T the longer we are together. Don't get me wrong we are not perfect and have our moments, but we are good together. God has given us two beautiful children, and a wonderful place to serve Him. I wouldn't change it for the world!!! Happy Anniversary Honey!! I love and respect you more and more every day. Thank you for loving Jesus and leading us to do the same. I am so blessed!! Ok I found some pictures of T and I back in the day when we use to work together. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Water Ride

CT was determined to ride the water ride so he talked his Daddy into riding with him. I think they rode it 3 times in a row. Then to CT's luck Daddy left his hat there and had to go back and get it. So he got to ride it again. :) He would have stayed on it all day if we had let him. He was none to happy with us when we had to leave the park.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breakfast with Elvis!

OK this was still part of our vacation, but I thought it deserved it's own blog. We got to eat Breakfast with ELVIS. Yes his REAL name is Elvis, but he is also an Elvis impersonator. :) ha! It just cracked me up. He has 12 boys and another baby on the way. His wife is determined to get a girl! Crazy if you ask me. Thought you guys would get a kick out of this! Enjoy! Be sure and check out the "ELVIS SMILE" and CT's mean face in the 2nd picture. I don't think he was too thrilled to eat with Elvis. He will appreciate it one of these days.

More Vacation Pictures.....

CT loved the sea lions. They were pretty cute!
I think we rode this ride 3 times before we got off. He had a blast!! It about made me sick. :)
Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.
The swings we had to pry KG off of. She kept saying "NO Bye Bye, NO Bye Bye!"
CT and Daddy won the race! They did not let anyone pass them. Of course CT thought that was WAY cool.

Vacation Cont......

Mommy and KG on the "fairest" wheel.
Daddy and CT on the "fairest" wheel. That's what CT calls it. If you try to correct him on anything he always says, "Well, that's what I call it."
Aladdin ride. They giggled and laughed on almost every ride.
Driving the bumble bee.
CT was pumped about his happy face pancake, of course he only ate half. He had to share with his sister. :) She ate every last bite. :)


KG and CT relaxing and Mimi and Poppa's house.
CT and Henry enjoying their meal. When Henry was done he threw his plate on the ground. :)
The Family
Wheelbarrow Ridin'- When the "motor" started getting tired the kids decided they needed a younger motor. AKA-Uncle Chris or Chad. :) They were nowhere to be found. :)
KG got her fair share of cake. She ate every last bite.

*This past week we finally took a MUCH needed vacation. We headed down to FS where my parents live and spent some time with them and Uncle Chris who came in from NYC. CT got up that morning and put on his NYC shirt just for Uncle Chris. :) That boy thinks ahead. While my parents had the kids they lost the beloved "bankie". My mom and I back tracked everywhere they had been. Only in FS can you pull up to the mall and at 10:30 run into someone you know to go in the mall and look for a "bankie". It was no where to be found so my mom got up early the next morning and headed to a little shop on town that carries them. THANK GOODNESS. It would have been a long trip ahead. I think we were more traumatized than KG. She probably would have been just fine. :) She is thrilled with her new "bankie" and doesn't even know the difference.
*Then on Saturday we headed up to NW Arkansas to see Uncle Chad and the rest of my cousins. We had two missing and missed them terribly. Although that meant extra potato salad and chocolate pie for me. :) We all had a GREAT time! We also got to stay in Uncle Chad's new townhouse. It is really cute and he is thrilled to have it! While at my Aunt and Uncle's house the kids got to run around and play with their second cousin Henry. He is a cutie! They had a wheelbarrow ride and plenty of chocolate cake! Mee Maw got to join us and she enjoyed getting to see the kids run around. I'm sure they wore her out though.

*On Sunday we then headed to the big metropolis of Branson! We were a little disappointed when we got there only to find out that Silver Dollar City was closed for the three days we were there. Wouldn't you know. Not so great planning on my part. It ended up working out though. We took the kids to Celebration City and White Water. They had a blast! CT rode every ride he could. There were plenty he wanted to ride, but he was not tall enough. We had to pry KG off of the swings. Since we were there on an off week the kids got to ride as much as they wanted. We also got to see the Chinese Acrobats who were incredible!! Then on Tuesday night we went to Dixie Stampede. That was fun! Although T and KG left with their allergies all stirred up. :( We ended our trip with a detour through Bolivar to see some old friends of Daddy's. It was a lot of fun to be together as a family!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Day of Wee School! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

First Day of School.
Come on boys. I don't have time to wait on you. :)
KG in her classroom playing.

Today was the first day of Wee School. I think I might have been more excited than the kids. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being at home with them, but I also LOVE Wee School. :) They both went right in their classes and didn't even hardly know I was there to say goodbye. Which is wonderful. That makes it easy. There were several children in KG's room crying. She didn't even seem to notice. She went right to playing. It probably helps that they practically live there anyway. I don't know that KG knew it was any different except that she was there longer than normal. :) Here are some sweet pictures of their morning. Enjoy! Notice KG has her "bankie" in every picture. :) She is a mess! I will try to get some of CT in his class on Thursday. It was a zoo in there and I forgot to take some.

KG's Nap Mat

This past Sunday as I was dropping KG off for Sunday School they informed me that they were bumping her up a class for wee school. No problem except for that she would need a map. Not a big deal for the average non-perfectionist mother. The problem is that I made one for CT so it was only fair that I make one for KG too. So after lunch I headed to Mar-Marts as CT calls it and loaded up on girly fabric and ribbon. I thought it turned out pretty cute, and she is awful proud of it. She put her baby to sleep in it the other day. Not that KG will actually sleep in it at school. :) Good luck with that Miss. April. I will have to say they are nice on trips. You can have them sleep anywhere. :) It also folds up to where you can carry it. :)

Side note:No I cannot make one for your precious child. I'm too expensive. :)

Birthday Bash!!

CT Sliding! He loved this thing. I had to drag him off at the end.

CT swinging for the pinata. He actually hit it.
Birthday Boy!

This past weekend CT and KG were invited to one of their little friends B-Day parties. They had inflatables and a water slide! The kids had a ball. We also got the special treat of some of our friends who have moved caome back for a visit. CT was thrilled. Kylie is one of his favorites!! The kids also got a try at busting open a pinata. That was a little dangerous, but they loved it! Especially when all the candy came out. Happy Birthday "Nane" as KG calls him. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Preacher Man!!

This past Sunday T got the priviledge to preach at church. We are without a pastor right now. We do have an interim, but he was gone. So T got to speak. He did an AWESOME job. Not that I am biased or anything. :) You can check it out by clicking here. Just click on T's name. He just wanted to share how BIG our God is and His Glory!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hard Core Swimming

View from the pool! We love to swim here!

Today we had a Jr. High lake/pool party out at the Whithams. All the Jr. High kids were down at the lake so we had the pool to ourselves. :) Daddy talked CT into taking his floaties off to see if he could swim unassisted. Like a champ he took them off, and away he went. I was quite impressed with his abilities. He would swim all the way across the pool without coming up. Now to teach him to come up for air without sinking. He got himself pretty worked up though, because after he got out of the pool he puked. LOVELY! He was fine after that and downed a hotdog. I just hope it stays down tonight. :) I am loading a video of him swimming. KG whines the whole time. She if fine, she just does that. Next year she will be more fun to swim with.:) She has come a long way. She use to hang on to me the whole time. Now she will float around with her floaties. Progress my friends! :) Enjoy!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Photos

This morning we went out to take some pictures before church. The kids were excited about it! :) Since the were cooperating I thought I ought to take advantage of it. We were even on time for Sunday School. :) Mimi and Nana...I think you can right click and save the pictures if you want to print any of them out.

Frog Boots

Hard to see, but she even took a nap in her frog boots. :)

We have officially handed down the frog boots to KG, and she LOVES them!! She wore them all day long. I had a hard time getting her to take them off to go to bed. This is what she wanted to wear that day. At least we did not go anywhere! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Beautiful Day!!!

CT Funny: Today I was outside water the plants and CT sticks his head out the door and says, "Hey can we come out?" I said go get your shoes on and you can come out here. He was so excited he turned to KG and said, "KG we get to go outside, It is a BEAUTIFUL day!!" It was halirious because he said it with such enthusiasm. :)
CT also went with me to run some errands to day. We stopped in a sports store and I turn around and he has on a baseball batting helmet, glove, and ball. (Thankfully we know the owner) He said, "Look mom, I'm all baseballed up." I was so mad I didn't have my camera. Maybe I will take him back just to get a picture.

Spiderman, pools, and puzzles.......

Not much has been going on here.....Daddy is off at staff retreat so we headed over to Ms. Connie's pool today. CT was SUPER excited because she has a DIVING board. One of his little friends also got to come along. They had a ball jumping off over and over and over again. KG spent her time getting in and out, in and out, in and out of the pool. At least she was doing this by herself on the steps. She wore me out!!
Ummmm.....does anyone have any snacks? :)
CT is also into dress up these days. He LOVES spiderman. He wears this often. He also tries to get KG to dress up. Sometime she obliges, but most of the time she says no. He does not understand why she does not want to dress up. I will have to find him some more costumes.
We worked a puzzle the other day. When I say WE I mean me with them climbing all over me while they ask "Where does this piece go?" We made it though. It lasted long enough to take this picture then it was back into a million pieces in no time.