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Friday, November 6, 2009

KG's First Sleepover

Since we were gone on KG's 4th birthday, I promised her a sleepover with some of her little friends. They had a GREAT time, and were so good. Here are a few pictures we took.

KG, L, and M. All very close in age. L born in Sept., KG born in Oct., M born in Nov. They love to hang out together.

Deacon also thought he would get in the middle of everything. :)
Just the girls.
KG picked dinner at McD's. They were pretty pumped about their Happy Meals. Here they are deciding on who will get what toy.
Deacon thinks it's pretty fun to have dinner with all these girls. He was pretty funny tonight.
Dancy Party!! Dancing to a little Hannah Montana.
Little table dancers. We teach em' young around here. ha ha!! :)
Cookies and friends. KG requested doo doo cookies. Others probably refer to them as Oatmeal PB Cookies.
Fuzzy Jammies and Socks from Liv. She really liked these.
My Little Pony with changing outfits from Mia. So fun!!
Ready for bed and a movie. :) They are now fast asleep................

JC Comes to Visit!

My best friend from college, Jennifer, came for a visit this past week. Everytime we are together there is always a lot of laughing and a ton of fun. We shopped, ate, and just hung out.

On Tuesday night I had a jewelry party. KG picked out her necklace, had it made, and was out the door. Good thing Nee Nee was there to take her home.
We also made our traditional pancakes and chocolate syrup. The chocolate syrup is homemade and delicious!! This is Deacon's first taste. He LOVED it!!
On Wednesday JC told the kids we would go and get some ice cream. So at the crack of morning KG is telling me she needs to go and wake up JC so she can buy her some ice cream. We stayed true to our word. We picked CT up from school, headed to Sonic for happy hour, and then went to the park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Here is Deacon taking a turn on the swing.
CT and Deacon.

CT coping with one arm. :)
Me and JC.
Self Portrait.
KG climbing the jungle gym.

Thanks for coming JC. We had a GREAT time!! We will plan another get together soon!