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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here Comes the Bride......

We interrupt the China trip to bring you some VERY important news!!! My little brother Chad got married this weekend. :) The wedding was beautiful and very sweet. So was the reception. It was all desserts. I was thrilled!! I love me some sweets! :) They even had my favorite CHEESECAKE!!! I am so happy for Chad and Mandy! They are a precious couple that have a zeal for the Lord. I can't wait to see how the Lord uses them. Love you guys!!!!

The pictures loaded backwards so the rehearsal starts at the bottom.

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Plummer!!
There they go.......
Here the come.....
Decorating the car.
The Bride's cake. I didn't taste it. I thought I better stop after cheese cake and groom's cake. :)
The groom's cake. It was yummy!
The happy couple.
Mandy and the boys!
Bridal Party. All the bridesmaids got to pick their own dress. I thought it was really cool, and looked great together.
Chad and the women.
Little Brother Chad, Me, and Middle Brother Chris.

KG and Aunt Mandy. KG just loooooooooooooves Aunt Mandy. It is so cute.
KG and CT ready for the wedding.
CT looking sharp!
Princess KG.
CT and KG ready to get the show on the road. We had pictures at 11 am and the wedding wasn't until 2pm. They did really well for being dressed up so long. Of course KG thought she was a princess. You weren't getting her out of that dress anytime soon.

Mandy's Mom, Mandy, Chad, and Uncle Chris listening to instructions. Well, it looks like at least the women were. :)
Daddy got to preach the wedding, Uncle Chad, and Uncle Chris practicing.
CT took this picture of Uncle Chad and Aunt Mandy at the rehearsal.
This is what the tables looked like at the rehearsal dinner. It was a lot of fun, and the food was FABULOUS!!! They had cheesecake there too. I think I have had my quota for the month. :)
CT and KG chilling while Mommy, Mimi, JC, and Kristen decorate for the rehearsal dinner.