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Thursday, May 28, 2009

They grow up WAY too fast!!

***I am WAY behind on my blogging for this month. :) So today I am getting caught up. There are 6 new posts if you are interested.***

This past weekend we went back to PC for a wedding of one of our former students. It was great to see a lot of people we haven't seen in a long time, and to catch up with some of our friends. The bride was beautiful, and the fellowship was sweet.

Rachel, Tiffany, and me.

I started in a small group with these girls when they were in 8th grade (makes me feel old), BUT 9 years later extremly excited that both of them are still walking with the Lord. I love you girls!! Congratulations Tiffany! You've got a great guy, and he couldn't be more blessed to have you as his wife.

Wee School Graduation.

CT is officially finished with Wee-School. We have had a great 5 years there. We started him when he turned 1, and he has loved every minute of it. We still have two more years with KG, but CT is now officially a kindergartener. :)

CT with best friend Stephen hanging out at the park. We had a picnic with his class.
CT and Stephen singing a Friend loves at all times.

CT getting his medal for "The Best Singer" and his book of work from the year.

KG with her best little friend Liv. This was at KG's Wee School promotion.

This is CT with is class singing at their little gradutaion.

Kindergarten Registration

We registered CT for kindergaten the other day. Pottsy came over to have lunch with us, and then helped me entertain the kids while I registered CT. He is very excited and can't wait for school to start in the fall. It has gotten here much faster than I had anticipated, but we are excited about a new chapter in our lives.

KG, Pottsy (Rachel), and CT in front of CT's school.

Puggles and Awanas Awards.

The kids had a great year in Puggles and Awanas. KG loved going to puggles. CT really enjoyed Cubbies, and has learned a LOT of scripture this year. He will just quote it off the top of his head. Next year our church is switching to Team Kids which we are excited about!

KG with her puggles class.
KG getting her Puggles awards. I think this is mainly a participation award at this age. :) She was excited!

CT with is cubbies class. He got the highest awards you can get. Second Book Award, Apple Tree Award, and Perfect Attendance Award (We don't think they kept very good records on the attendance. :) ha!)

CT singing with his class.
We are so very proud of both of them, and their love for the Lord!

The Flood of 09.

This is the second year in a row that we have had record breaking rainfall in short amounts of time. On this particular day I think we got around 10 inches in just a few short hours. There were a lot of people in town that had flood damage. Luckily ours stayed just far enough away. :) We are thankful!

Rushing over the driveway.

Water coming from the backyard.

Last Soccer Game

CT finished up his fourth season playing soccer, and he still LOVES it!! He is always so sad when it is over. He is already counting down the days until fall soccer starts. :) We had a great season this spring. They were undefeated!! Way to go Lions!!

Some of our friends came out to cheer us on. KG was loving this.

Daddy coaching CT's team.

Trying to get to the ball.

Going for the goal.

Two cute little cheerleaders. KG and her little friend E.

Gooooooooooooo Lions!!