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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Waking up to a fun Valentine surprise!
KG and her little friends at "her" Valentine's party.
CT and one of his buddies from school.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

This morning the kids were so excited that it was Valentine's Day and KG was just positive they were having a party at Wee-School just for her. :) When the kids got up they had balloons and a little surprise waiting for them at the breakfast table. My mom used to do that for us, so I thought I would carry on the tradition. We ate cinnamon rolls and then headed off to Wee-School. On the way out the door, T told KG he liked her dress. She informed him that it was not a dress it was her Balentimes Day Outfit. :) They had a great time at school and got enough sugar to last us the rest of the year.