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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Iguanas" AKA Awanas

CT hanging out before Cubbies.
CT with his friends meeting BIG Cubbie Bear. Ct wasn't real sure about him. He said, "He was BIG."
Cubbie Bear.
CT w/his friends.
The "coveted" VEST!!

CT started "Iguanas" last week, but I forgot to take my camera. So this week we took some pictures. He actually got his vest this week, so now he is "official". He was so excited! Now he wants to sleep in it. :) We will have to see about that. He also got a new pair of cleats that he wears every waking moment. So I'm sure his outfit for tomorrow (before I get a hold of him) will consist of an Awana vest and cleats. :) ha! He has also done very well at memorizing his verses. I was impressed.