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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Catching up......

I am WAY behind on my blogging so I am playing catch up- as in there are several new posts.......

This week T took some vacation time. It's either use it or lose it, so we are using it. :) We headed down to OKC for a youth minister's meeting and to spend some time with Nana, Papa, and friends.

Nana and I took the kids to the dinosaur museum on OU's campus on Wednesday.

Here the kids are digging for dinosaur bones.
Future Paleontologists.
Hanging with the BIG guys!! :)

These suckers were HUGE!! His thighbone weighed 800 lbs.
We ended the day with good friends Brent and Keely. We had dinner at Iguanas and dessert at Cuppies and Joe. Highly recommend both if you are in the OKC area.

First Tooth.

CT lost his first tooth last Saturday. :( It had been loose for about a week. He was eating a waffle and noticed that he didn't have it anymore. So we are assuming that he swallowed it. ha!! We wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened. She totally understood and came through for CT. He was thrilled to find some bills under pillow. :)

CT with is loot. He was thinking she was going to bring him $100 bill. DREAM ON BUDDY!!
Snaggle tooth.

Spring Break

This Spring Break we headed down to Dallas to visit some dear friends. Our first stop was at JC's. We had a chocolate fest and visited the Dallas Arboretum. It was BEAUTIFUL!! We had a great time, from there we headed to Annette's. We also visited the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens-had a picnic and hit the local Krispy Kreme-a favorite!!

One of our many chocolate meals. This is "THE RECIPE"- Bernice's famous chocolate recipe for pancakes. CT was so excited that Bernice was making it this time. :) We also had chocolate pie and biscuits and chocolate gravy- Not all in one day of course. 
Loaded up in the Tahoe headed to the Arboretum.
CT and Luke waiting patiently to go inside.
Stopping to smell the tulips.

I am so impressed the CT actually went in and touched the sheep. 
KG steering Captain Hook's ship.
Hansel and Gretel's house.
Treasure Island.
JC and me hanging out on the lawn. It was such a pretty day.
Sharing icees. Well, the sharing part was a little hard for the little ones, but everyone got some.
KG, Mommy, and CT. The flowers were so pretty!!
Hiding in the bamboo. This was associated with a Japanese fairy tale.
Sweet Girl

There were tulips EVERYWHERE!! My favorite!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! No better way to celebrate than with a trip to Krispy Kreme. :)
Throwin' down the Kreme's. Of course they were WIRED afterwards.
Grace and CT. :)
Good friends and all our off spring. 
Darla, Annette, and me.
KG and Grace enjoying their ice cream cones. Grace's is breaking. She was getting a little upset. :) I would have too.
CT and Aiden. Aiden's ice cream fell on that ball, and he licked it right off of there. Atta Boy-There is no need to let good ice cream go to waste. :)

We had such a GREAT time! Thanks for letting us come.

Soccer Star and Coaching Daddy

Soccer season started back up about a month ago. Of course CT was elated!! He absolutely LOVES it, and to top it off Daddy is his coach this year. He is thoroughly enjoying it, and we love to watch him.

Going for the goal!
Daddy is our coach.