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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update on Deacon

We have some news on Deacon. Check it out at www.journeytodeacon.blogspot.com Or click on Journey to Deacon on the right of this blog.


Wednesday night was Waterbalooza at church. We loaded the kids up and went to the park for some water fun. T had the kids playing all kinds of crazy games that ensured they would get wet. :) CT and KG had a great time watching and getting wet themselves.

CT thought it would be funny to throw a water balloon at Daddy.

Daddy gets back at CT.
KG chillin in the pool. It was cold!
Who even knows what she is trying to do? :)

Incredible Pizza

This past week a college friend of mine was in town, and we went to T-town to see her. We met at Incredible Pizza, and had a GREAT time. The food was good (especially the cinnamon rolls), and the kids had a blast!! Of course we had a hard time getting them to sit down and eat first. They were ready to get to the games.

Mommy and KG getting ready to smoke some people on the go-karts. Of course we won. :)
CT and Brandy getting ready to race.
CT playing a Star Wars game.
Brandy helping KG win some tickets.
KG on the Merry Go Round. That played It's a Small World, and was stuck in our head the rest of the afternoon.
CT bowling his little heart out.
Air Hockey-Uh oh, hang on to

We had a great time. We got enough tickets for some nerds, two suckers, some sports sweat bands, a paper airplane, and some silly glasses. :)