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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Memories

Christmas 2004
Christmas 2005
Christmas 2006
Christmas 2007

Today we went and got our pictures taken with Santa. I thought I would include pictures from the past for fun. KG has been talking for weeks that she is going to sit on Santa's lap and not cry because she is a big girl. I was a little skeptical, BUT to my surprise she went right up there, sat on his lap, and even told him what she wanted for Christmas. CT wanted an OU football jersey (which he already owns one :) ) and a Lightning McQueen shake-n-go car. I think Santa may come through with him on that one. KG asked for a bicycle like Bubba's and a new baby....to add to the other 50 she already has. :) I guess a girl can never have too many babies. :) Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

KG's First Haircut

KG's first hair cut.
Mrs. Janie cut KG's hair. She did a good job. KG sat very still.
All finished! But we weren't ready to smile quite yet. :)
KG chillin' with her harmonica. :)

Today we went to get KG's first haircut. She did so good. While we were waiting on Mrs. Janie KG asked me if it would hurt. I said no. So she then asked if it would tickle. I told her yes. :) She sat in the chair like a pro and let her trim her hair. She was really serious though and would not smile for me. We celebrated with a happy meal from McDonalds. She also got to pick a toy when she was done. She chose a harmonica. :)

Bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes

Big Momma is doing a Christmas Tour of Homes. It is a lot of fun to see everyone's decorations and get some new ideas for yourself. It will take you a day or so to check them out. Hopefully I will have some down time during Christmas to spend some time looking. I posted some of our Christmas decorations earlier with the kids, but this is my official tour blog. :) ENJOY!! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome to our home! Enjoy the tour.
Nativity brought back to use from Jerusalem. I have great in-laws. This is one of my favorite things.
Pictures of the kids with Santa. We don't have this years yet.
Blown glass ornament. I love these.
Merry Christmas from the Fannin's!

Family room with tree and KG. :)
Since we don't have a real fire we had to improvise.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yeah I won!!!

Just wanted to let you guys know that dreams do come true. :) ha ha!! No actually I participated in the Holiday Scavenger Hunt and won $25 worth of hairbows. KG will be so cute. :) Anyway I wanted to let ya'll with little girls know about Ribbon Rockstar. She has some really cute bows at some very good prices! Be sure and check her out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Off to HOG country!!

Whooooooooo PIG Sooooooooie!

Well, we were so blessed to be hit by the ice storm for a second time this year. For real we are blessed that we have friends with a generator and are so gracious to let us come and stay at their house. Thank you Paul and Cathie. :) We owe you BIG TIME!!! Since we were without power we went over to Fayetteville with Cathie. She had a conference over there, so we tagged along. While she was in her conference we had lunch with Uncle Chad, and also payed a surprise visit to MeeMaw. She was thrilled to see us! I also took the kids down to the square to see all the lights and to help them remember what electricity looked like. ha ha!! It is so pretty down there. The kids thought the razorback was really cool, but CT informed me that Daddy was not going to like this at all. :) Seeing that Daddy thinks the razorbacks are shooie! CT is a loyal OU fan, but he also helps to cheer on the Razorbacks because his Mommy and Mimi are fans. :) My brother informed me that this was the last year for the lights. I sure hope he is wrong. On a "brighter" note, the lights are back on and things are back to normal for now. I think they are predicting snow this weekend. We will have to sit tight and pray the lights stay on. :)

Happy 4th Birthday CT!!!

One of his favorite gifts. He is addicted.
CT Bowling
Cayden and CT
CT's Cake.

This past weekend we celebrated CT's 4th birthday. He wanted a CARS party at the bowling alley. So that is what we did. All the grandparents were able to come and a few of his little friends. They had a GREAT time! CT is very excited that he is four. He also is very concerned whether or not his clothes are a 4T. He informs me that he is too big for a 3T now. :) He is a mess, but makes us laugh. KG is still singing Happy Birthday to him. :)

Vacation with Friends

Loaded up and ready to go. We had stuff stashed everywhere. :)
CT, KG, Hannah, Addison. CT and Hannah are two months apart. KG and Addison are 6 days apart. The whole time we were there the house was NEVER quiet.
Watching the tree at Silver Dollar City. The lights changed with the music. It was really pretty. The kids loved it. KG would have stayed there the whole time.
Daddy and kids at the crazy house.
Tinker the talking tree.

We packed up the kids and the car and headed to Branson with some friends of ours. We went to relax and do nothing. The guys played golf and we got some shopping in. We also set through a boring time share presentation to be able to go to Silver Dollar City for Free. :) It was worth it. Plus we took the kids and the lady sped through the presentation because they were all over the place. ha! Silver Dollar City was COLD, but beautiful! Needless to say I did not get any pictures of the lights. My batteries on my camera were going dead and I was too cold. :) The kids had a great time playing together. They are all very close in age. It was nice to get away and see old friends.