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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome Home Daddy and Bubba!!!

After 13 looooong days apart, we headed to the airport to meet Daddy and Bubba home from China. They had a FABULOUS trip!! There were a lot of lives changed. I'm so glad that they were able to go and be apart of what the Father is doing!!

Deacon so proud of his Welcome Home Daddy sign.
One of the signs we made for CT.
Stephen, KG, and Deacon super excited to see everyone.
Here they are!! Deacon is crying because he tried to run to them, and he wasn't supposed to go past that red and black line. Someone grabbed him, and it scared him. He got over it pretty quick when Daddy picked him up. :)

We are SO glad to have them home.

Par-tay, Par-tay, Par-tay!!

We headed on over to Mimi and Poppi's to help Mimi celebrate her birthday!! Yea for Mimi's birthday!! We had a great time swimming and just hanging out.

Deacon and KG in the pool.
Deacon with cousin Graham.
Yummy cookie cake.Happy Birthday Mimi!! Glad we got to come spend some time with you guys!

Fearless Deacon Jumping in the Pool. KG learning to swim w/o floaties.

Summer Time Fun!

Daddy and Bubba (CT) left for a two week trip to China while we stayed home. Since we were left behind, we thought we would try to have a little fun.

Deacon is a pro in the pool. He has NO fear.
KG loving the pool.
Uncle Chad and Aunt Mandy came over for a quick visit. We took KG to see Toy Story 3. We were so glad that they came, and had a GREAT time!!!!!!
Later on in the week we too Nee Nee out to celebrate her birthday! Mommy and Deacon excited about eating at Texas Roadhouse.
KG and Nee Nee.
Deacon loving the cinnamon buttered rolls. YUMMO!! Yea for Nee Nee having a birthday!
Back at the pool we hung out with our friends, and had a GREAT time!!

Dance, Dance, Dance.......

This was KG's first year for dance. She started learning ballet and tap. She LOVES it and can't wait for it to start back up. These are pictures of her first recital. She did so good, and loved every minute of being on the stage. :)

KG and her BFF Liv. They are quite the pair together.
Tap dance.
Liv, Emmy, and KG
Striking a pose.
Dancing to Karen Carpenter. :)
Getting ready to show her stuff.
Flowers and Awards!!! So excited to get a dance medal.
KG and Emmy. They are so cute!!