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Monday, May 19, 2008

KG's Makeup

So proud of her make up.
Bubba thought he would help her out.

KG does not stay out of my make up, so I got her her own. :) We found an old make up bag with some powder (almost empty), lip gloss, and brushes. She LOVES it! We also straightened her hair this day. She was so funny, and excited to have her own make up.

AWANA Carnival....

CT was pumped about is sno-cone.
CT playing a game.
KG and her little friends enjoying their sno-cones.

Wednesday night we had a carnival at church for the end of the year celebration of Awanas. It was also a chance to sign up again for the fall. CT enjoyed playing all the games and collecting all the "craptacular" I mean exciting prizes. ha! He had a great time though. KG got to play on the inflatables with her friends.

Bye Bye BSF and Wee School!

CT with his BSF teachers.
KG with her BSF teachers.
CT with Ms. Tiffani.
KG with Ms. April

This past week was our last day at Bible Study Fellowship and Wee School. We have enjoyed being involved in both. BSF is an incredible Bible Study that the kids and I both get to be apart of. We are learning the same things at the same time. This year we did the study of the book of Matthew. Next year we are doing the study of Moses. The kids really enjoy it and have learned so much. If you are looking for a Bible study to challenge you and keep you accountable you should check out BSF. I'm sure there is one close to you. The literally have them all over the world. We rushed home from BSF (which is about 40 minutes away from us) and headed to our Wee School promotion. The kids sang songs and had a little party. They were sad that both of these activities are over, but will be looking forward to going back in the fall.