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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Squat-Tay Pott-Tay VS. The Western Toilet!

Here is one of my most favorite parts about China-The squatty potty! Oh the fun this entails. If you can't squat then you would be in trouble. Luckily I only had to use one of these the whole time I was there. I strategically decided when to drink and when not to drink so I wouldn't have to use one. :) ha! Actually it is not that bad if you can squat and hold your breath at the same time. :) The one at the school was pretty brutal, but when nature calls you can't ignore it. :) Also you have to carry your own toilet paper around, because there isn't any in any of the public restrooms. Thank you Lord for the Western Toilet. Actually, I guess it's all in what you are use to. They have trouble keeping the westen toilet from breaking, because all those use to the squatty try to climb up on it and squat. :)

Squatties in the girls bathroom at the schools we taught in.
Closer look at the squatty. There is no flushing mechanism. :) I do believe it has a slant to it though. ha!
This is a squatty in a restaurant. You all eat in one big room, and this is also in the room. With a door of course. :)