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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in Arkansas

This Christmas we were in Arkansas at my family's house. It was wild and crazy as always. We went to the Christmas Eve service at the church I grew up in. It was so fun to see old friends and their families. The kids did pretty good through the service, but towards the end KG started yelling, "I want my Mimi". Which would have been fine, but Mimi was holding CT. Had we tried to bust that up, we would have had a fight on our hands. So KG and I had to take a trip out of the sanctuary. Then we headed to the house for snacks with the extended family.

While all of this was going on The Bird, my grandfather/Mom's dad, called to say that he was having trouble breathing. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and we think he also has pneumonia. So my Mom and Dad took him to the emergency room. That was an all night ordeal. The rest of us stayed up talking until about 3am when my parents got back. We all finally got to bed, just in time to get up again to see what Santa had brought.

Please keep my parents and The Bird in your prayers. My mom is the only one left to care for him, and it has been difficult. Pray that they will have wisdom in how to best care for him in the coming weeks/months, and that he will be willing to do whatever. He's kind of grouchy! :)

Mimi took KG and CT Gator Golfing, which is located inside the mall. They thought this was awesome!!
Your put your golf ball in this thing, and it made it glow.

Ct taking a ride after golfing.

KG in flight. :)

KG and CT hard at work on their ginger bread house. I think more of the candy was eaten than was used in the decorating. :)

The finished product. They were so proud.

Santa Loot. Bicycles and a Wii for the family.

Running in on Christmas morning. They were excited!

Opening their stockings.

KG gets a new pink leopard purse and sparkly pink glitter to put in your hair.

Princess Walkie Talkies.

Wow! An Air Hog Car that goes on the wall and ceiling. This is pretty neat.

CT with his Star Wars Ship. We are officially obsessed with Star Wars right now.

KG painting with her Magic Lightbrush.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our First Christmas Celebration!

The weekend before Christmas we headed to Nana and Papa's house to kick off the celebration of our Savior's birth! We had a great time just hanging out and being together. It's fun to be in a house with little one's, and the excitement that they have. CT and KG love seeing and playing with their cousins.

All the cousin's on T's side.

Here we go! The kids ripping into their first gift. They all opened this one together. Aunt Judi got everyone matching Christmas PJ's.

KG tearing into one of her gifts. She got to go first because she is the youngest. It was a little hard for the other's to wait. They were all so excited!

Yeah our princess phone!! Just what she wanted. She even asked Santa for this. She "talks" to her friends on this phone. It is quite funny.

Now it is Bubba's turn. Whoo Hoo! A soccer goal. He was pretty excited!

Grandma Fannin got CT a flying helicopter. This has been a fun toy! If you can keep from being hit by it. :)

STAR WARS Transformer! What more could you ask for?
Don't Spill the Beans game. Or as KG calls it....Don't Spill the Nuts!

CT and KG in their Christmas Jammies from Aunt Judi.

KG acting like a goob!

CT flying his helicopter. You have to look close. It is left of the tree.

Now we have the hang of it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Ho Ho Ho to you!

This weekend we went to OKC for T's side of the family's Christmas! While we were there we paid a little visit to Santa. The kids were SO excited!! They went right up there, and sat on his lap. CT told Santa he wants Power Ranger Motorcycles, Star Wars stuff, and transformers. KG wants a princess phone and a princess bicycle. To see Santa pictures from the past click HERE.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunday Singin!

This past Sunday CT's little preschool choir sang before the service. They sang two songs and CT had a little speaking part. They were very cute, and did a GREAT job. CT sang the loudest. You can hear him on the video. :) He loves to sing!

CT and KG dressed up for Sunday morning. This was the best picture I got. KG was acting like a goob in most of them. This one included. :) I do not know where she gets this? ha! CT and his new guitar. This was one of his birthday gifts he had asked for. He wants to learn to play like daddy.

CT and friends getting ready to sing. The little boy on the end was not the least bit thrilled to be there. :)

This is CT saying his speaking part. "If I were a wiseman I would do my part. So what can I give him? I will give him my heart. "

This is the group singing. It's a little dark, but you can hear them. This video is not as loud you will have to turn your sound up a little more.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday You'll Have!!

This weekend we celebrated CT's 5th birthday with family and friends! He requested a bowling party again this year. Last year we only had about 2 friends show up, this year we had 12! It is such a crazy time of year, you just never know. :) Everyone had a GREAT time, and CT was very excited about the party and presents!!

CT wanted Yoda on his cake. So Yoda we had. :) He even had little hairs coming off of his face. ha!
May the force be with you! Notice KG eyeing the cake. We had to keep her away.

Friends having a great time bowling.

CT getting ready to bowl. We had to tell him to let others have a turn. He thought one lane was all for him.

Poppa and Papa hanging out, and guarding the cake. :)

KG wasn't as into the bowling as she was running around. I kept having to look for her.

CT blowing out his candles.

KG making sure that none of the icing went to waste.

CT and friends opening up presents.

Whoo Hoo!! Star Wars PJ's. What more could a boy ask for. We have worn them every night since.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Train

This weekend Nana and Papa came over early for CT's brthday party, so we could go to the Christmas Train. It was a lot of fun. We rode the train which took you from creation of the world, to the birth of Jesus, to the crucifixion, and then on the the resurrection. It was really neat. It is set in an old west town called Dry Gulch. There were lots of things to do after we rode the train. There was a huge playground for the kids, carriage rides, carousel rides, an old saloon you could sit in and get great desserts, while listening to some live music. We tried to see Santa, but his wait was longer than we wanted to wait.

The Christmas Train waiting on passengers to load.
KG, CT, and cousin Carson holding their boarding passes. Notice my gifted and talented children have theirs upside down. :) They were just excited to ride the train.
Carson, Nana, CT, and Papa on the train. There was no flash photography past this point.

KG playing on the playground.

CT climbing to the top of the spider web.

Nana and KG bouncing on the spider web.

CT "smoking" Carson at a game of air hockey. That's what he told me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 5 CT!!

Today is CT's Happy 5th Birthday!! We are SOOOO excited around here to be the BIG 5!! We have been waiting on this for a whole year.:) We started the morning with blueberry muffins, opened one birthday gift (our big party is on Saturday), and watched a Star Wars cartoon. All before we headed to Wee School.

Singing Happy Birthday to the shirtless wonder! :) He refuses to sleep in a shirt.

Opening his gift.

We are very excited about this! What is it?

A Star Wars shirt!! He couldn't wait to wear it to school.

CT and friends having a little birthday celebration at Wee School.
CT and one of his buddies.
Happy Birthday CT!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the big boy you are becoming. We love to watch how excited you are about learning and hiding God's word in your heart. We are amazed at your talent, and love your sweet compassionate spirit. We love you and are blessed to call you son!