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Monday, December 28, 2009

Born in a Barn

Daddy, CT, and KG got to do the special song at church last night. KG was NOT going to sing until Daddy went to get the microphones out. Then she was in. :) She thought it would be way cool to have her own microphone. They did a great job!! Mommy was very proud of them. Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Deacon's Day!!

Deacon celebrated his 2nd birthday at Nana and Papa's with an Elmo cake and family! Since we already had his party, we just did cake. We also cooked out hamburgers since it was so warm. :) ha ha!! Papa was kind enough to bundle up and grill them for us.

KG and Deacon taking care of the beaters.
Deacon's Elmo Cake.
Happy Birthday Boy!
Yeah I'm 2!!

Deacon we are so blessed to have you as apart of our family. You have already brought us so much joy, and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you! As your birthday rolled around I couldn't help but think about your birth mother and father. What they must be thinking? Wondering if you are ok? Remembering the day you were born, and the days that followed. Having to make such a hard decision to give you up. I can't help but think that they miss you terribly, and think of you often. We are so thankful for them, and that they chose what they thought was best for you. We have a great love for them. My prayer for them is that they somehow know you are safe and VERY loved! I pray that they would hear of the one true God who loves them, and wants to have a relationship with them. The chances of us finding them in the future are slim to none, but the God we serve knows every detail about them. We will be praying for them as the years pass, for their salvation, and for them to know you are one special boy!! We love you son, and are so proud of you! Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!! Round 1

This year we have been in OKC for the record breaking blizzard. There were 14 inches of snow that fell while we were here. We have had a great time cooking, eating, and just enjoying family and the snow. It was blowing so hard on Christmas Eve that you couldn't even go outside. The kids were dying to get out there, but had to wait until today.

First stop in OKC was a visit to see Santa. CT wanted some DS games, KG wanted a princess blanket and a surprise, and Deacon was just trying to figure out who this guy was. :) He did good sitting on his lap.
Nana had a fix your own trail mix buffet. Deacon was the first to get in on the action. :) This is 6 of the 9 grandkids.
Deacon entertaining Aunt Judi and Aunt Melanie.
Austin loved his new cousin Deacon. There were several wrestling matches that took place.
KG hanging out with Uncle Greg.
Cousin Riggs borrowing CT's DS.
CT excited to see Grandma made it in.
The calm before the madness!
Three Wise Guys!! :)
We read the Christmas Story while the kids reenacted. Deacon was not quite sure he wanted to be a shepherd.
Here he is sure that he didn't want to. We don't know why he started crying.
Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, The Angel, and Shepherds. KG was missing. She fell asleep and did not wake up in a very good mood.
Daddy led us in some Christmas Carols.
All 9 grandkids.
Daddy with his siblings and spouses. Me, T, Melanie, Don, Stephanie, and Greg.
Deacon got to open presents first because he is the youngest. He was super excited with each one. :)
Next was KG's turn. She got a lot of Hannah Montana stuff. :)
CT got to go next. He was ready to tear into those gifts!
Papa was handing out $1 bills for how old you are. Deacon was not going to get left out of this. He weaseled his way up to the front. :) KG came down figuring out what was going on, and asked where the line started. ha!
Here is part of the the Blizzard of 09. Very thankful not to be out in it.
CT's Letter to Santa. "Dear Santa, I know you are always busy and I want a DS Game for Christmas. Dear Colter"
The loot from Santa. We open gifts from family on Christmas Eve, and then Santa comes that night to leave his gifts.
Coming down to see what Santa left.
Whoo Hoo DS games and a game chair. How did Santa know?
KG with her cupcake maker.

Deacon not quite sure what all this early morning fuss is about.
Oh a NEW toy!! I love it!! He has played with it all afternoon.
Deacon digging into his stocking.
Papa was excited about the monkey bread for breakfast. He didn't even have time to find a glass. :)
Finally it was time to get to go out and play in the snow!!
This one stayed in and got into everybody's stuff. He did get to go out for a little bit later.
KG throwing a snowball.
Landry and KG making snow angles.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Boys!!

Last weekend we celebrated both boys birthdays. CT's birthday is on the 11th of this month, and Deacon's is on the 26th. :) Since it is such a busy month, we just did it together. Next year we are going to celebrate Deacon's in September on Gotcha Day! Since his is the day after Christmas. We will also do a little family party on his actual birthday.

On Friday we had big plans to take snacks to CT's school, and open some gifts early. Well, KG brought home a stomach bug that Mommy, Daddy, and she all got. So we were in bed all day sick as can be. We did manage to get a cookie cake to CT's school. Daddy felt well enough to let them open a few gifts.
Here KG is helping Deacon open his. :) He was so funny opening gifts. He would get so excited just in the opening part. :) He didn't really care what was inside, just thought it was fun to open them.

CT ripping into his gift.
Yippeeee Star Wars bedding. Deacon's was Spiderman bedding.
Saturday we had their party at the church. Deacon was loving the balloons.
We had a competition to see who could get the most points. Top two highest points won prizes. We had a basketball game, soccer kick, football throw, and golf putt.
Papa helped with the basketball toss.
Nana helped with the putt putt game. :)
Deacon was loving the inflatables. He thought it was cool he got to actually jump on something and wasn't getting in trouble.
Mimi helping Deacon open his gifts.
Whooo Hoooo!! A Transformer helmet. Thanks Nana and Papa.
The cake.
Singing Happy Birthday. Deacon didn't quite know what to think. :)
Loving the cake!
Some of the kids enjoying all the sugar. :)
Poppi and Deacon playing in the balloons.

Colter declared this the BEST birthday EVER!! :) So glad they all had fun!