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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July!! We had a GREAT time. We were able to spend the whole day at the Whitham's with their family. It was a lof of fun. They swam ALL day long. We had to pull CT out of the pool. There were plenty of little ones for CT and KG to play with. CT became big buddies with Trevor. CT asked him how old he was. He replied I'm 7. CT said oh, I'm free (3). Then later on CT could not remember his name so he asked his mom where brother number 7 was? :) She did not understand at first. I had to interpret for her. CT even spent the night and still was not ready to go home. Some other funny things he said: He asked me if I brought his suitcase (swimsuit), He was looking for his blue gobbles (goggles), and when he picked out a snack from the snack drawer he said,"Look mom I got a rice christmas treat."

As for KG, I think we may have a stripper on our hands. :) She learned how to take her swimsuit off, and was quite happy with nothing on. Then this morning when I went to get her out of her bed she had taken her pajamas off. :) OH dear!!