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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep, Donuts, and a little Celebration!

Our sweet precious little Deacon has adjusted so well...... except for at night time. Since we have been home he has yet to sleep through the night. He does a great job at finding a way to get in bed with us. :) Once there he sleeps great while we get kicked and booted out of our spot. ha!! Last night was momentous! He stayed in his bed ALL NIGHT LONG!! Whooo Hoooo!! So we made a BIG deal out of it. We clapped and cheered and took a trip to the donut shop.

Happy boy with his donut holes. :)
KG got in on the celebration too.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Catching up....

As I was adding more pictures to my computer, I noticed there were several that never got posted. So I am playing catch up. :) These were taken towards the end of January and first of February.

Here's KG with her favorite cheerleader "Candle". Her real name is Kendall. :)
CT with his BEST buddy Stephen. These two crack me up.
One of several snows we've had this season. Very pretty, but am glad the warm weather is almost here. :)
KG enjoying the snow.
Deacon not quite sure about all this white stuff.
Well, it might be fun.
I love this picture of our sweet next door neighbor Janie coming to Deacon's rescue.
KG hard at work.
CT hanging out.
Making a snow angel.
Having dinner and making snow ice cream with some of the best neighbors! Good times.

My parents came over to help celebrate my birthday. We had a fun dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Mimi got to "share" her dinner.

Yay for soft foods and good friends!!

This past Wednesday we headed back to Little Rock for Deacon's post op appointment. We were very excited to be able to start on some soft foods! His appointment went great. His mouth is healing well, and his ears are all clear. Now to just figure out how to make this kid sleep at night. :)

We headed to Pei Wei for a little celebration. Deacon got fried rice. He was THRILLED!! I couldn't shovel it in fast enough. :) Too bad it didn't agree with his stomach. Three weeks on liquids, and a quick introduction to fried foods doesn't settle so well. He didn't care. He ate the whole bowl.
The best part of going to Little Rock is meeting up with old friends. Misty AKA "Buttsy" met us for dinner. It was so fun to catch up and hang out. Thanks for meeting us Butts.