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Monday, March 2, 2009


It is with a heavy heart that I am back writing again about another loss in our lives. Let me start from the beginning.........We moved to P-town five years ago this spring. While we were here on our little interview we had a progressive dinner with the committee we were talking to. We had a great time at all the houses, but our last house brought us face to face with the BEST cheesecake in the world, and two precious people who would change our lives forever! Jack and Kathy who quickly became known as Jack and Nee Nee to us. T and my parents both live out of town, so Jack and Nee Nee became surrogate grandparents to CT and KG. It's neat to see how God blesses you by putting certain people in your lives. Even though they are old enough to be our parents, we have a great friendship with them. We have spent many a meal and good conversation together. Of course we always leave Nee Nee in charge of the dessert! :) They have always tried to get us to drink coffee with our dessert, but we always reassure them that we are WAY to young for that.

September 2006 Jack, Nee Nee, T, and I headed out for NYC. This was such an AWESOME trip. T and Jack had planned and plotted on going to NYC to watch the Tennis U.S. Open for about a year, so we just decided to go. They had never been to NYC before, and they were like kids in a candy shop once we got into the city. We had such a great time showing them the sites and just being together. We did so much that week. Took in some Broadway shows, saw David Letterman, the Statue of Liberty, Yankees game, and of course the guys went to the US Open. I am so thankful we did this when we did.

March 2007- Jack is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Of course everyone was devastated, but the Lord still had plans for Jack. During that time things weren't always easy for Jack. The chemo's were hard and rough, the unknown was scary, but Jack's faith in the Lord was unwavering! Jack shared Jesus with everyone he had the opportunity to. He always told his doctor he was a winner either way. He wins if he gets to stay, and he wins if he gets to go. Of course we wanted a miracle, but sometimes God has a different plan than we do. On February 21st, 2009 Jack was healed forever! He got his miracle. :) We were so thankful to have those two years with him.

Why Jack? This side of eternity we may never know, but we do know that God is in control, he loves us, and he is ALL about HIS glory, not ours! :) Jack is experiencing more than our minds can even fathom. As I think about Jack getting to go to heaven, it's the ones left here who are truly missing out. Sitting in church on Sunday T said he just couldn't get out of his mind the image of Jack getting to worship in heaven and what that must be like. :) So as hard and as sad as it has been to lose everyone we have lost this year already, it makes me long for heaven even more.

Nee Nee asked T to do the funeral, and he was very honored to do so. One of the things he said was, "One of the best investments we have ever made was buying the house behind Jack and Nee Nee. Not because it has anything to do with money, but because Jack and Nee Nee invested in us, and we will never be the same!"

We love and miss you Jack. I have no doubt you heard, "Well done my good and faithful servant!"

Jack and Nee Nee in NYC.
Jack, me, and Nee Nee at the NY Yankees game.
Jack, Nee Nee, and T in Times Square.
Jack and KG playing.
CT and Jack with CT's first fish.
Jack and CT tractor riding.
Jack and CT going for another ride. :)
Jack and the kids hanging out.