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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mimi Comes to Visit.

Mimi came for a quick visit last weekend. She was in to take the kids on a little back to school shopping trip. We picked up some fall school clothes for CT, and KG scored a new Build-a-Bear. Oh the joy that she had. She picked out some tie-dyed looking bear whom she named Pepper. She told us that she was adopting Pepper into our family. :) Of course we were thrilled to welcome Pepper into the family. :) CT also picked up a new Star Wars Transformer. What more could a boy ask for?

KG and Mimi waiting in line to stuff her bear.
Giving Pepper a bath.
Mimi, KG, and Pepper with all her gear.
CT taking a cookie break.
Mimi and CT.
Thanks for coming Mimi. We had a great time!

KG's first day of Wee-School

KG had her first day of Wee School last week, but I am just now getting to it. :) She is loving her class and is in there with some of her best friends. So all is right with the world. She enjoys going, and Mommy enjoys some free time.

Back to school night with some of her besties.
KG rolling out the playdough. She wore her ballerina outfit, I don't have much say anymore. :) ha! She likes to pick her own clothes.
Liv and KG cheesing for the camera.
Actual first day of school. She was SOOOO excited to wear her tutu and spiderman shirt.
KG with friends and L's mom ready to start the day.