A small attempt to pen those precious moments that seem to go by all too quickly. Things that would easily be forgotten.....may they always be remembered....here's hoping this site never crashes. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

On your mark.....Get set.....Go!
CT in a mad dash to find more eggs.
KG and her little friend Madly.
KG checking out what the Easter Bunny brought her. She kept asking where he was. :)
CT pumped about his spider man kite.
Little Bunnies.
All dressed up and ready for church. I love this picture of KG. She cracks me up. It was VERY cold outside, and she was ready to go in.

This video of KG is sideways, and I can't figure out how to turn it. If you know how I would love your input. The kids thought it was fun to hop like a bunny.

Happy Easter! This post is a little late, but none the less we had a GREAT Easter!! We woke up to filled baskets left by Peter Cottontail. :) The kids were really excited. They got up quickly when I told them they had a surprise. We got up, went through our baskets, got dressed, and headed to church, the real reason we celebrate Easter. We had a great service and crowd. CT got a dyed egg from his class. He started eating it shell and all. Maybe I need to dye eggs with them next year. :) The plastic eggs are just so easy. After church we get together with a bunch of families from church. This year since it was so cold, we had our "picnic" at the youth building. Everyone brings meat to share along with a side or dessert. There was REALLY good food there. :) We all ate WAY to much! There were three different egg hunts. One for the little kids, one for elementary kids, and one for BIG kids (aka College) They had major money eggs for the big kids. They wouldn't let me hunt. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and rejoice in our Risen Savior!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Chad!!

Uncle Chad and Aunt Mandy
KG, Mimi, and CT
KG thought the carrot cake looked the best for dessert. :)

Last night we drove to Bentonville to have dinner with my brother. We had a good group come and eat with us and had a great time! KG became friends with whomever she thought had the best food on their plate. :) Thanks Uncle Danny and Aunt Carolyn for sharing your carrot cake.

Monday, March 17, 2008

"I Remember You" A poem written for my Mee Maw by my brother Chris Plummer

I remember you.
When I close my eyes and reach back into the corners of my mind.
Focusing on the details of your face I am able to grab hold of the memory, pulling it out and holding it up to the sunlight.
It gleams and sparkles as the beams dance around it.
I remember the swirl of ice cubes in sweet tea, the cicada heralding the onslaught of summer, and sipping from green plastic cups on the swing under the horse apple tree.
I remember Easter egg hunts and the pride of a young boy showing his memaw the fruits of his cleverness.
I remember that feeling of bright afternoon sun streaming into your eyes causing you to shade them so as to get a better look.
I remember with wonderment the big brown car and the cb within it on our short ride up the hill to cool off from the heat of the day with crisp clean water.
You would wade in for a dip as we circled you like the little fishes we were.
You were shucking peas in the kitchen into a large green bowl while the brown TV relayed the slow moving story about a day in someone’s life.
There was Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, and Stephano, who conspired against us all.
I remember fried chicken, white bread with butter, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, potato salad, and of course chocolate pie.
I remember our mischief and the sudden end of it with the phrase “I’ll tell your daddy”.
Yes I remember you.
I have these things these memories and I have tucked them away inside me.
I have given them a secret place so that they may stay safe.
Your song was such a sweet song and these memories are but a bitter sweet refrain.
However, from time to time though it is so nice to hum along.
So I will hum and I will remember.
Perhaps it is that yours have a slightly different melody than mine.
Regardless grab hold of these moments and hold them up into the sun, letting them burn brightly.
And remember.

Written by Chris Plummer

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Soccer Star!

CT warming up before the game.
CT scoring his very first goal.
Going after the ball.

This past weekend was CT's very first soccer game. He was so excited! It was windy and cold, but that didn't stop their team. They played really well together. CT scored the very first goal of the game. He was SOOO excited! So were we! :) The other team was not too thrilled to be there. They wanted their snack and wanted to get warm. CT ended up scoring 6 out of the 11 goals their team made. They beat the other team 11-1. We will see if we can keep our winning streak up. :) It is so fun to watch, and the kids have a great time.

My MeeMaw

My Dad, KG, and MeeMaw
The kids helping MeeMaw open presents this past Christmas.

Today is a day I have been dreading for a long while. Today my MeeMaw got to be with Jesus. Can you even imagine what she is experiencing right now? I am completely jealous and sad all at the same time. I would not wish her back for anything. Though I know one day I will see her again, my human mind makes it hard to comprehend just how soon that will be. I wanted to write down for mysake some fun memories that I had of her. Most of all I am grateful to her for the legacy she left for me. You see my MeeMaw loved Jesus more than anything else in this world, and she taught her sons and grandchildren about that love she had. I am forever grateful, and can't wait until one day we can all share in that joy!

I have been very priviledged to have a close relationship with my MeeMaw. I would definitely say that she loved all of her grandchildren equally, but I got to spend a LOT of time with her and my PeePaw growing up. MeeMaw never had a lot of money, but she NEVER let that get in the way of living and enjoying life. That woman was always the life of the party, and always found a way to make you laugh. People just enjoyed being around her.

I can remember her taking me to Wilkes, a little grocery store not far from her house, when I was little. There was a picture in the paper of her and me as a little girl at Wilkes. I will have to see if I can find it. I remember her leaning on the cart and slowly strolling through the store as if she had nothing else to do. She would always "test" out the grapes before she bought any. :) Back then you could do that. She also always let me pick out some candy. Don't ask me why, but I always wanted the bubblegum candy cigarettes. I got to get them several times until my mom put a stop to that. ha! They had this powder in them that when you puffed on them they would make smoke. :) Since I couldn't get those I reverted to the small candy gum chicklets. I would eat the whole pack at one time until the flavor ran out, and then spit it out. Of course that didn't last very long.

MeeMaw kept us a lot when we were little. The routine was at 12:00 ring the bell on the outside of the house to let PeePaw know it was time for lunch-all fried and fabulous food of course. He would come in from the shop, we would eat, and then we had to be quiet because he would lay down for a nap. :) In the meantime they were watching Mrs. Polly (whom I hated-a local celebrity news lady) and then Days of our Lives. My MeeMaw got me hooked. :) I haven't watched that in a long time. I'm sure the story is not too far off from what was going on back then. ha! Also when she would get annoyed with us she would tell us to go play in yonder. We have yet to figure out where that is. :)I remember also her getting so mad at us when we would go in and out of the house. She would say that we were letting all the cold air out of the house. She would also pay us a quarter to "mash" her feet and hands. We would always do it, although I don't ever remember getting paid. :)

MeeMaw had the best neighbors in the world. The Sellers. They lived up on top of the hill and had a pool. During the summer she would always take us up there to swim. Of course we had to wait 30 minutes after lunch to make sure we didn't cramp up. :) Also the Sellers owned a bakery in town. She would take us down to the bakery and Virgil would let us pick out any donut/cookie that we wanted. We thought we were really cool!

We planted strawberries out back in the pasture, hunted easter eggs every year, and spent many an aftenoon on the old tire swing under the BIG tree down by the garden. MeeMaw always had her cabinets stocked with pringles, moonpies of every flavor, and cornflakes. The freezer always contained fudgesicles. Every meal came complete with a big ole' pitcher of SWEET tea. I think she put at least a cup of sugar if not two in her tea. She was also a fabulous cook. Most of it was fried, but it was GOOD! Some of the family favorites are her potato salad and chocolate pie. My cousin Pam can make the potato salad, and I mastered the chocolate pie. You know the important things in life. Also, when I was older we rented the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, and fried some green tomatoes while we watched the movie.

These are just some of the many memories that I have with my MeeMaw. I'm sure I will think of more and add them to this blog as I do. I am so blessed to have such a Jesus loving grandma. I will miss her greatly, but know I will see her again. I'm sure she is dancing away. She liked to do that too. :) One day in our kitchen she grabbed the lid to a pan and started doing some kind of jig. She did is just to make us laugh. :) She got her laugh.

She would always tell me "Don't get old" (Like I have a choice) She said it's no fun to get old and have arthritis. Well MeeMaw, You are no longer old! You are all new and perfect! We will miss you, but will see you sooner than we know. LOVE YOU!!