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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Soccer Finale

CT going for the goal.
Throwing in the ball.

Action shot!
Good Game!
CT's little team. There were 4 girls and 2 boys. They do co-ed until they are older.
CT and some of his buddies who were on the "other" team. :)


This Saturday was CT's last soccer game for the season. He is really sad it is over. I guess we will have to play again in the fall. I just figured out they have fall ball. Mimi and Poppa were able to come over and see his last game. CT did really well, and scored several goals. He absolutely LOVES to play and has a great time. It is also a lot of fun to watch. He was excited that his Nana and Papa and Mimi and Poppa were able to make it to some of his games this season.


MiMi said...

MiMi and Poppa were so happy we were able to come and enjoy CT soccer game, he did an awesome job (aren't we a little partial)? KG and I ate cookies (from the snacks Mom brought for the team) we didn't eat thema all. It was good to spend a little time in person with our daughter and our #1 son-in-law...

Kristy said...

Great job Colter!!! Looking good!

patti said...

How fun...i can't wait for such events. I love that last picture leaving the field...so are you scrapbooking all of this or just blogging?