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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

KG's Nap Mat

This past Sunday as I was dropping KG off for Sunday School they informed me that they were bumping her up a class for wee school. No problem except for that she would need a map. Not a big deal for the average non-perfectionist mother. The problem is that I made one for CT so it was only fair that I make one for KG too. So after lunch I headed to Mar-Marts as CT calls it and loaded up on girly fabric and ribbon. I thought it turned out pretty cute, and she is awful proud of it. She put her baby to sleep in it the other day. Not that KG will actually sleep in it at school. :) Good luck with that Miss. April. I will have to say they are nice on trips. You can have them sleep anywhere. :) It also folds up to where you can carry it. :)

Side note:No I cannot make one for your precious child. I'm too expensive. :)


Kelly said...

I don't have a precious child for you to make one for but I do think it is SO cute! How did everyone on earth BUT ME learn to sew? I'm dying to know how - I just can't figure how I missed all the training everyone else got. ha!

patti said...

SO CUTE! You will have to give me some pointers when we get to that stage...as for wee school how adorable...that picture of them on the porch with their backpacks brings back memories for me.