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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hard Core Swimming

View from the pool! We love to swim here!

Today we had a Jr. High lake/pool party out at the Whithams. All the Jr. High kids were down at the lake so we had the pool to ourselves. :) Daddy talked CT into taking his floaties off to see if he could swim unassisted. Like a champ he took them off, and away he went. I was quite impressed with his abilities. He would swim all the way across the pool without coming up. Now to teach him to come up for air without sinking. He got himself pretty worked up though, because after he got out of the pool he puked. LOVELY! He was fine after that and downed a hotdog. I just hope it stays down tonight. :) I am loading a video of him swimming. KG whines the whole time. She if fine, she just does that. Next year she will be more fun to swim with.:) She has come a long way. She use to hang on to me the whole time. Now she will float around with her floaties. Progress my friends! :) Enjoy!!

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patti said...

Hey...how hard is it to get a video on here? I'm so clueless and scared I'll mess everything up.