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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Day of Wee School! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

First Day of School.
Come on boys. I don't have time to wait on you. :)
KG in her classroom playing.

Today was the first day of Wee School. I think I might have been more excited than the kids. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being at home with them, but I also LOVE Wee School. :) They both went right in their classes and didn't even hardly know I was there to say goodbye. Which is wonderful. That makes it easy. There were several children in KG's room crying. She didn't even seem to notice. She went right to playing. It probably helps that they practically live there anyway. I don't know that KG knew it was any different except that she was there longer than normal. :) Here are some sweet pictures of their morning. Enjoy! Notice KG has her "bankie" in every picture. :) She is a mess! I will try to get some of CT in his class on Thursday. It was a zoo in there and I forgot to take some.

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Kelly said...

They are so cute with their back packs!