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Monday, May 10, 2010

Zoo Trip- Kindergarten Style!!

The other day I got the opportunity to go with CT and his class to the zoo. We had a great time. There were a good group of parents that went, so I just had CT and one of his best little buddies. We were able to roam as we pleased, and didn't have to worry about keeping up with a group. It was nice to have that freedom. :)

First stop....the bears.
A couple of monkeys.

This was in the rain forrest. It was a gorgeous day outside, but extremely hot in there.
They couldn't wait to see the lions. Unfortunately, this one was in no mood to perform.
Here are the boys ROARING at the lion, trying to get it to respond. They were pretty funny.
Hanging with the penguins.
Jeriah and CT.
Mommy and CT.

All the kids had a great time!! This is part of CT's kindergarten class.

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