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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day/Baby Dedication

This Mother's Day at our church was not only Mother's Day, but also a very special day in our family's life. We have had all our children dedicated once they were born. We do not do this so that they can go to heaven. That is not our decision, but a personal decision they will have to make on their own when they are a little older, and understand more what it means to follow Jesus, and have a personal relationship with him. We do this as a family to say, we are going to love, support, and teach you as much as we can about the Jesus we love, serve, and follow. In hopes that one day you will make a decision to follow Him too!!

Today was Deacon's turn to be dedicated to the Lord. What a blessing and an honor it is to be his parents. We are so thankful to the Lord that he allowed us to be his parents!
Deacon receiving his first Bible. He was so excited he kept saying, "Mine, mine, mine." :)
As we celebrated mom's on this day, I can't help but think fondly of Deacon's birth mother, and the huge sacrifice she made for her boy!! There will always be a GREAT love for his birth parents. We may never meet here on this earth, but we pray that one day we will meet in eternity, and spend forever there as a family!!


on the eastern journey said...

What a special mother's day!

Martha said...

Special, special times. Thanks for sharing with us!

patti said...

What a special time. I love our feelings towards his birth parents...D will truly appreciate that one day and it is easy to see just on the blog how much you all love him and He love his new family. So sweet.