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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wee School Fall Festival

Tonight was KG's fall carnival at her school. So we got everyone dressed up and ready for some fun!

These are a little blurry. I had something set wrong on my camera.

Tinkerbell, Capt. Pirate, and Darth Vadar ready for some candy!
The cookie walk. Notice the scary wearwolf. :) He is our cute little neighbor, but he looked scary!
What am I supposed to do with this ring? I'll just take that drink thank you. :)
This is NOT Working!!!
Darth Vadar gettin' it done.
Tinkerbell with her Wee School teacher. She is having a great year.
I'll take a grape snocone please. We thank you wee school for filling them up with sugar and send them on home. :)
Fishing for some candy.
Daddy and his little pirate.