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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we headed out to the local pumpkin patch for a little fun. The best part....it's FREE! A church here in town puts it on each year.

Deacon making his way through the hay maze.
This picture cracks me up. CT is smiling but looking at what is going on somewhere else. KG is giving someone instructions I am sure. :) ha!
Deacon was loving this.
Deacon's Chinese squat.
KG heading through the hay tunnel. She wasn't going to to at first b/c CT told her it was scary. It was all of 10 feet long. She got over it and went.
This was one of our attempts at getting a picture in the pumpkins. Take 1.
Let's try again.....
And we're off. He was done with that. So that was as good as it got. :)
CT on the jupiter jump.

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