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Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Recap

The Fannin's.
Fannin cousins. This picture cracks me up. So typical. How are you supposed to get 8 kids to all smile and look at the camera at the same time. They were cute.

CT opening his Leapster Games. He got Dora, Letters on the Loose, and Letterpillar. He is really enjoying them, and learning his letters. It's pretty cool!
CT was dying to get this spiderman camera. It also came with software where you put your face on spiderman.
The Loot from Santa. Skylar, Landry, and Riggs stuff starts on the left. KG and CT start with the blue and yellow tricycle. KG asked for a bicycle and was thrilled to get this. CT got a Lightning McQueen rolling suitcase complete with Tiger Jerseys. They had his name on them along with his favorite numbers. 95 because that's Lightning McQueen's number. 43 is King's number, and 4 because that's how old he is. :) He thought it was pretty cool. He grabbed them up in his hands and started jumping up and down.
CT with Lightning McQueen.
KG with her new tricycle. This past Sunday at church she was still telling people she got a new bicycle. The best part is it has a telescoping handle on the back so you don't have to bend over to push her. It also folds in half for storing. I was impressed. Way to go Santa. ;)

Nana found a fun craft for all the grandkids. They took ice cream cones and covered them in green icing. Then decorated them with M&M's and other candy to make little Christmas Trees. They turned out really cute. The only set back was the KG was up until 2am talking to herself because she was on a major sugar overload and couldn't go to sleep.
KG decorating her tree.
All the cousins right before they opened their gifts. They were pictured out. We had gotten up early that morning to take family pictures. KG opening her gifts. She got lots of fun girly stuff. She loves her talking Dora backpack and microphone.
KG also got some new Crocs. They are really cute. They have a fur lining in them to keep her feet warm in the winter. Then it comes out for the summer.

This year we had Christmas with Todd's parents. His sister and her family and his brother and his family were all there. Along with Todd's grandmothers, Aunt Judi, and Aunt Janice and her clan. We all had a great time. The cousins enjoy being together and getting to play. The food and the fellowship were all good as well as the gifts. My kids got way more than any kid should, and we hadn't even made it to Mimi and Poppa's house yet.

Uncle Chris and the kids helping Memaw open her presents.

We did spend some time at my parent's house too. My brother Chris was in from New York. It was great to see him and spend some time with him. I have pictures from there too, but I am waiting on him to send them to me. :) He went a little overboard with Christmas this year. He bought my mom and iphone and my dad an antique train set. It has a story behind it. We used to have one growing up that my dad put around the tree every Christmas. Well, at some point my brothers got ahold of it and tore it up. So Chris got on Ebay and found the exact train. He surprised my dad with it. It was pretty neat. Chad and Mandy were there along with my Memaw (my dad's mom) and the Bird (that's what we call my mom's dad). :)


Kelly said...

That is so neat that ya'll have such a big family and your kids have so many cousins near their age! I bet ya'll have a blast at the holidays!

patti said...

wow what a christmas! looks like lots of fun...i have to say I have always thought CT looked like your brothers until the pic of him by T on the couch...yes, now I think he looks like his daddy.

tell R that I"m jealous I want an iphone but i guess she deserves it more than i do! :)

Anonymous said...

What a Christmas!