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Monday, January 7, 2008

Unfortunately we are unsure of what exactly took place.......

CT rooting for his beloved Sooners. This is him doing "O"
"U" !

CT was all dressed up and ready to cheer on the Sooners for the Tostito bowl. He even had is OU flag flying out front on the house, but unfortunately the Sooners were overtaken by aliens and were unable to show up for the game. We don't know what happened. All we saw were these blue and gold flashes darting around the field all night long. Oh well, there's always next year. PLUS there's next year for my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks. We are over this past year and looking forward to a new year and a NEW coach. Whoooooooooo PIG Soooooooooooooie! Razorbacks!


Kelly said...

Whoo pig sooie to that!

Shelley said...

Hey Aimee!

Glad you found me! Can I put you on my friend's list on my blog? For TONS of pictures of Landon he has his own website. www.landonhodges.com

The Proctors said...

Hey Aimee!!! I'm so glad that you commented on my blog! It's so neat to read about you and your precious family! Your kids are so adorable! I'll have to add you as a link to mine!