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Thursday, December 20, 2007

KG's First Haircut

KG's first hair cut.
Mrs. Janie cut KG's hair. She did a good job. KG sat very still.
All finished! But we weren't ready to smile quite yet. :)
KG chillin' with her harmonica. :)

Today we went to get KG's first haircut. She did so good. While we were waiting on Mrs. Janie KG asked me if it would hurt. I said no. So she then asked if it would tickle. I told her yes. :) She sat in the chair like a pro and let her trim her hair. She was really serious though and would not smile for me. We celebrated with a happy meal from McDonalds. She also got to pick a toy when she was done. She chose a harmonica. :)


Anonymous said...

Just look at her! She's precious!

patti said...

how cute and fun. Is she jammin' to rudolph the red nose reindeer??