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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Off to HOG country!!

Whooooooooo PIG Sooooooooie!

Well, we were so blessed to be hit by the ice storm for a second time this year. For real we are blessed that we have friends with a generator and are so gracious to let us come and stay at their house. Thank you Paul and Cathie. :) We owe you BIG TIME!!! Since we were without power we went over to Fayetteville with Cathie. She had a conference over there, so we tagged along. While she was in her conference we had lunch with Uncle Chad, and also payed a surprise visit to MeeMaw. She was thrilled to see us! I also took the kids down to the square to see all the lights and to help them remember what electricity looked like. ha ha!! It is so pretty down there. The kids thought the razorback was really cool, but CT informed me that Daddy was not going to like this at all. :) Seeing that Daddy thinks the razorbacks are shooie! CT is a loyal OU fan, but he also helps to cheer on the Razorbacks because his Mommy and Mimi are fans. :) My brother informed me that this was the last year for the lights. I sure hope he is wrong. On a "brighter" note, the lights are back on and things are back to normal for now. I think they are predicting snow this weekend. We will have to sit tight and pray the lights stay on. :)


Kelly said...

I haven't been to see the Fayetteville lights yet this year. We will have to go next week because I keep hearing this is the last year and that makes me really sad.

My Trendy Tykes said...

Looks like fun!
When you get a chance shoot me an email. You won a gift certificate to my website.