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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Time Fun!

Daddy and Bubba (CT) left for a two week trip to China while we stayed home. Since we were left behind, we thought we would try to have a little fun.

Deacon is a pro in the pool. He has NO fear.
KG loving the pool.
Uncle Chad and Aunt Mandy came over for a quick visit. We took KG to see Toy Story 3. We were so glad that they came, and had a GREAT time!!!!!!
Later on in the week we too Nee Nee out to celebrate her birthday! Mommy and Deacon excited about eating at Texas Roadhouse.
KG and Nee Nee.
Deacon loving the cinnamon buttered rolls. YUMMO!! Yea for Nee Nee having a birthday!
Back at the pool we hung out with our friends, and had a GREAT time!!

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