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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome Home Daddy and Bubba!!!

After 13 looooong days apart, we headed to the airport to meet Daddy and Bubba home from China. They had a FABULOUS trip!! There were a lot of lives changed. I'm so glad that they were able to go and be apart of what the Father is doing!!

Deacon so proud of his Welcome Home Daddy sign.
One of the signs we made for CT.
Stephen, KG, and Deacon super excited to see everyone.
Here they are!! Deacon is crying because he tried to run to them, and he wasn't supposed to go past that red and black line. Someone grabbed him, and it scared him. He got over it pretty quick when Daddy picked him up. :)

We are SO glad to have them home.


Amber said...

Soooo cute. Love the sign for CT!

Amanda said...

What a sweet homecoming! Love the candy poster...and Deacon is adorable!!

Unknown said...

What a neat treat for Colter to get to go to China!! John wants to take the boys to South America for a missions trip.