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Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day/ Early 3rd Birthday Celebration Deacon!!!

This past week and weekend we celebrated Deacon's 1st Gotcha Day and 3rd Birthday (a little early). Deacon's actual birthday is December 26th. We thought it best since CT also has a birthday in December to celebrate his birthday party the same time as Gotcha Day. That way everyone gets their own special party. :) We will do a little party for Deacon on his actual birthday. :)

This is Deacon on his actual Gotcha Day- Sept. 14th. What a blessing he is to our family!! We are so fortunate to call him son.
Poppi and Deacon reading a little Elmo before the party.
The Birthday Cake.
The birthday table.
Ty and Deacon getting into the dress up action.
These two princesses were quick to tell you, "Don't mess with the dress." :)
CT enjoying the bounce house.
We are here to save the day. Sweet friends and family sharing Deacon's special days.
Opening presents.
Yay!! Just what I've always wanted.
We want cake!! We want cake!! :)
Blowing out the candles.
Deacon getting his big gift. A Train Table. He LOVED it!!!
He has played and played and played with this already.
Happy Gotcha Day/Birthday sweet boy!! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could ever know!!


Joy L. said...

buHappy Gotcha Day/ early birthday, Deacon! Katherine at 3 (and maybe even at 6 1/2) would have been SOOO jealous of the train table!

Aimee said...

Joy I got a GREAT deal on that table. It was $140 for ALL of it. I was quite impressed. We split it 3 ways. :) He LOVES it. Plays with it all the time.

on the eastern journey said...

Yeah for Deacon! Happy Gotcha Day & Happy Birthday! Wow! Hasn't the past year gone by so fast?

What a fun train set! Schafer wants to drop by by for a play date!