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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Too Much!!

KG has been wearing this flower girl dress non stop. She wore it in my brother and sister in law's wedding two years ago. :) As soon as she gets home, she goes and puts it on. She LOVES it because she thinks it looks like a wedding dress, and it TWIRLS. That is a very important feature. I let her put my vail on, and this is what I got. :) TOO MUCH!!! She was WAY into it. She about threw a fit when I made her put it up. Needless to say I ended up making one she could play with. The sad thing is, her real wedding day will be here before I know it. That is if her daddy lifts the no dating until 35 ban. ha ha!

Look how pretty it twirls Mommy.
Practicing our wedding march.
Kisses from her little brother. CT would not get near her. :) ha ha!!
Oh goodness I love this girl!!

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