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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas- Part 2

For our second Christmas celebration we headed over to Mimi and Poppi's! We celebrated Christmas there during New Years Eve. I didn't know how I would like it, but I LOVED it!! It made Christmas last so much longer. Plus there were some really good sales the week after Christmas. :)

One night we headed out to a new pizza place in town. They had a buffet and then a game room. They were VERY proud of their pizza, but the kids had a great time in the game room.
Here's Deacon riding on someone else's dime. :) He actually rode this several times.
Deacon and KG on the firetruck.
CT riding the wave runner.
Uncle Chris and Uncle Chad hunting the easy way. ha!
Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care. Stockings have always been a BIG deal in my family. This is one of my favorite parts. The kids got more excited about their little stocking stuffers than they did their big gifts.
Before the chaos began.
Uncle Chris kind of liked little Deacon. :)
CT excited about his new nerf gun. We shall see how smart a purchase this was. ha! Him being the first child and a rule follower he will probably wear the safety goggles, and play it correctly. It's the other two I'm worried about.
Mom, you've got these bows on a little too tight!
Uncle Chris trying to figure out CT's Bumblebee Transformer.
KG playing with her new make up kit.
Aunt Mandy helping out Deacon with his hammer and bench.
The boys having a sword fight.
Aunt Mandy and Sweet KG hanging out at Marketplace.
Working on our gingerbread house.
I wanna help. Actually, I just want the candy. :)

Mom surprised us with new Coach purses!! So fun!
Merry Christmas Y'all!!

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