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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Between Celebrations

Between our Christmas Celebrations we had a few days at home. So on Monday KG and CT both had a friend over, which helps tremendously!! They play with each other and there is little fighting. We had a great day!

KG and her good friend Liv "helping" to make snow ice cream. YUM!!
The finished product. It was pretty good! Just snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla. :)
KG and Liv rockin' it out!
CT and his best buddy Stephen. These two crack me up. Stephen taught CT how to do the man hug when they see each other. I'll have to get it on film.
Who can go wrong with some cheerleaders, super heros, and a mean game of Disney bingo. :) Deacon was in on most of the fun, but was taking a nap during the ice cream and board games.

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Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

So cute! I have never tried snow ice cream.