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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Puggles and Awanas Awards.

The kids had a great year in Puggles and Awanas. KG loved going to puggles. CT really enjoyed Cubbies, and has learned a LOT of scripture this year. He will just quote it off the top of his head. Next year our church is switching to Team Kids which we are excited about!

KG with her puggles class.
KG getting her Puggles awards. I think this is mainly a participation award at this age. :) She was excited!

CT with is cubbies class. He got the highest awards you can get. Second Book Award, Apple Tree Award, and Perfect Attendance Award (We don't think they kept very good records on the attendance. :) ha!)

CT singing with his class.
We are so very proud of both of them, and their love for the Lord!

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