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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Deacon's Day!!

Deacon celebrated his 2nd birthday at Nana and Papa's with an Elmo cake and family! Since we already had his party, we just did cake. We also cooked out hamburgers since it was so warm. :) ha ha!! Papa was kind enough to bundle up and grill them for us.

KG and Deacon taking care of the beaters.
Deacon's Elmo Cake.
Happy Birthday Boy!
Yeah I'm 2!!

Deacon we are so blessed to have you as apart of our family. You have already brought us so much joy, and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you! As your birthday rolled around I couldn't help but think about your birth mother and father. What they must be thinking? Wondering if you are ok? Remembering the day you were born, and the days that followed. Having to make such a hard decision to give you up. I can't help but think that they miss you terribly, and think of you often. We are so thankful for them, and that they chose what they thought was best for you. We have a great love for them. My prayer for them is that they somehow know you are safe and VERY loved! I pray that they would hear of the one true God who loves them, and wants to have a relationship with them. The chances of us finding them in the future are slim to none, but the God we serve knows every detail about them. We will be praying for them as the years pass, for their salvation, and for them to know you are one special boy!! We love you son, and are so proud of you! Happy Birthday!

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on the eastern journey said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Deacon! What a fabulous cake!