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Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Boys!!

Last weekend we celebrated both boys birthdays. CT's birthday is on the 11th of this month, and Deacon's is on the 26th. :) Since it is such a busy month, we just did it together. Next year we are going to celebrate Deacon's in September on Gotcha Day! Since his is the day after Christmas. We will also do a little family party on his actual birthday.

On Friday we had big plans to take snacks to CT's school, and open some gifts early. Well, KG brought home a stomach bug that Mommy, Daddy, and she all got. So we were in bed all day sick as can be. We did manage to get a cookie cake to CT's school. Daddy felt well enough to let them open a few gifts.
Here KG is helping Deacon open his. :) He was so funny opening gifts. He would get so excited just in the opening part. :) He didn't really care what was inside, just thought it was fun to open them.

CT ripping into his gift.
Yippeeee Star Wars bedding. Deacon's was Spiderman bedding.
Saturday we had their party at the church. Deacon was loving the balloons.
We had a competition to see who could get the most points. Top two highest points won prizes. We had a basketball game, soccer kick, football throw, and golf putt.
Papa helped with the basketball toss.
Nana helped with the putt putt game. :)
Deacon was loving the inflatables. He thought it was cool he got to actually jump on something and wasn't getting in trouble.
Mimi helping Deacon open his gifts.
Whooo Hoooo!! A Transformer helmet. Thanks Nana and Papa.
The cake.
Singing Happy Birthday. Deacon didn't quite know what to think. :)
Loving the cake!
Some of the kids enjoying all the sugar. :)
Poppi and Deacon playing in the balloons.

Colter declared this the BEST birthday EVER!! :) So glad they all had fun!


on the eastern journey said...

Happy Birthday Colter and Deacon!

Anonymous said...
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LF said...

Yay Happy Birthday Colter & Deacon!!!

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

Happy birthday to your boys! Such a cute party! I am going to pretend that the red and white represented a Hogs party! ;).