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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday You'll Have!!

This weekend we celebrated CT's 5th birthday with family and friends! He requested a bowling party again this year. Last year we only had about 2 friends show up, this year we had 12! It is such a crazy time of year, you just never know. :) Everyone had a GREAT time, and CT was very excited about the party and presents!!

CT wanted Yoda on his cake. So Yoda we had. :) He even had little hairs coming off of his face. ha!
May the force be with you! Notice KG eyeing the cake. We had to keep her away.

Friends having a great time bowling.

CT getting ready to bowl. We had to tell him to let others have a turn. He thought one lane was all for him.

Poppa and Papa hanging out, and guarding the cake. :)

KG wasn't as into the bowling as she was running around. I kept having to look for her.

CT blowing out his candles.

KG making sure that none of the icing went to waste.

CT and friends opening up presents.

Whoo Hoo!! Star Wars PJ's. What more could a boy ask for. We have worn them every night since.

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Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

What a fun time! CT look so big. I love KG's outfit.