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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More classroom time....

Kayla and T eating in the school cafeteria. This food was horrible, but worth our time that we spent with these students.
Connie sharing the love of the Father with these students. It was a neat experience. Even a language barrier cannot separate the love of sharing the Father!
Connie teaching and telling about her family. She has an incredible story of heartbreak and joy-losing two of five children and her husband, but also sharing the joy that she still has because of her relationship with the Father. On a funny note they would gasp every time she would add another child to her family. They thought it was wild that she had 5 children. Most of them are the only child in the home.
Me teaching Jesus loves me. There is power in the name!
Kids watching us walk onto their campus. They were everywhere!

The second day that we went back we were able to share a little more. We had lunch with some students in their cafeteria. It was an experience. I'm not real sure what was on top of my rice, but I dug down to the bottom to be able to just eat the rice. :) I survived, and it was worth it. We sat in there for about 2 hours laughing and talking with several of the students. They were teaching us Chinese and they were asking us about our culture. Of course Christmas came up, and Connie just happened to have some pictures illustrating why we celebrate Christmas. :) We shared as best we could with those girls. I do believe they understood some, because later that night. Our friend was able to share with them in chinese and 14 of them accepted the Father. It was so AWESOME!!!

This is a video of us singing with the students. Note- this is not me singing. I would have done even worse than her. :) Just goes to show that you can be used regardless of ablility, just willingness. :)

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Kristy said...

So awesome to see God working!!! How great is our God!