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Friday, June 8, 2007

Gorilla Phobia!

Today Nana took us to visit T's Memaw in OKC. It was great to see her. She was quite surprised to see all of KG's curls. :) Then we headed off to the zoo. CT was dying to see the lions so we had to practically head straight there and not look at anything else. After that we went to see the Gorillas. Nana was holding KG up close to the window when the BIG Daddy Gorilla started charging toward the window and then threw his shoulder into it. All the kids screamed and KG was terrified. She shook for the next 30 minutes. She kept saying, "Bye, Bye". She was ready to go. Luckily CT did not see it. Other wise we would have had to put him in counseling. He is already scared to death of dogs. They rode the Carousel and Train and CT said his favorite animals were the BIG GIANT Sea Lions. They were pretty cool.
Tonight we headed over to the Splash Park! It was awesome. Even though it was cold the kids didn't care. Skylar and Landry the kids cousins came into town. So they all got to hang out together. They had a BALL!!! I will have to post pictures in the next post.

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