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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well, a lot has happened since the previous post. I woke up Sunday night with the stomach virus and was sick all the next day. The kids and I were here in OKC, but they did really good. Until the end of the day when CT realized that I was unable to get up and discipline him. I asked him not to do something and then he said, "Well, you can't get me." Papa took care of him when he got home. :) Tuesday we took the kids to the park, and on Wednesday we went to see Daddy at camp. The kids were thrilled to see him. He will be home tomorrow, but we are headed to Dallas for a Surprise birthday party. Today we were able to go and visit with a friend of mine that I taught with in Ponca City. She has a little boy about 6 months younger than CT and she has 4 month old twin girls. She has her hands FULL. The boys had a blast playing together and KG played with everyone. It was great to see them. The pictures are from the park and CT and Colin playing together.

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